COBRA PUMA Golf – Orange MOB

Standing out in a crowd


Rickie Fowler has it all. A swing as smooth as silk, a sense of style anchored in traditional loyalty and a flair for the dramatic. But he competes in a sport that favors understatement in and outside its arena. The challenge: capitalize on Rickie’s brand to benefit his sponsor, without offending the purists.

The setting: the 18th hole at Torrey Pines, one of golf’s great cathedrals. As a rising-challenger equipment brand on the PGA tour, Cobra needed a way to maximize its ROI and Rickie’s flair and fashion provided the perfect vehicle. Golf fans all over the world knew who was coming up the fairway, the man from Oklahoma State, playing Cobra irons.

The Greenhouse Orange Mob ensured high visibility and capitalized on Rickie Fowler's explosive performance to garner hyper-local and national attention simultaneously.