Growth through strategic insights, industry leading campaign execution, and quantifiable results.

Growth at Every Stage

The Incubator is a proprietary process developed by Greenhouse to help our clients develop in-market and retail activation strategies. The process marries two key components:

  • Brand Life Stages
  • Tactical Execution

The result is a roadmap that develops programs to provide optimal support for your brands at that moment in time.


For entrepreneurs and newly created brands, the Incubator is a particularly powerful tool.

With you, we can help determine:

  • Brand Aspiration/Opportunity
  • Positioning
  • Timeline/Budgets/Geography/Channels
  • Competitive Set

Once clarified, the Incubator optimizes
program mix:

  • Experiential: Hyper-local, WOMMA, Brand Tours, sampling at events and retail
  • Couponing to Stimulate Trial: Increase distribution, add value and drive immediate purchase with IRCs and Rebates
  • Social Media/SEM: Communicate to targeted demographics through original content and event reporting. Drive incremental awareness and retailer activation with strategically focused web and search engine advertising

Greenhouse: Stimulating your brand’s roots from day one.



The stage that truly determines a brand’s opportunity. Get beyond your launch and solidify your market position.

Greenhouse will design and execute
a campaign for:

  • Geographic and Channel Expansion
  • Chain Store Presence and Activation
  • Increased Consumer Loyalty

We do this with:

  • Media driven, experiential programs that add value to the brand, retailer and consumer
  • Integrated Retail Programming: IRC’s, Cross Merchandising and Floor Displays
  • Banner Advertising on retailer sites in concert with experiential programming

Greenhouse: Expanding Roots for Your Brand in Multiple Markets



Optimizing the mix of support for brands throughout their life-cycle is what we thrive on.

It’s what will translate a brand into an icon:

  • Sampling and Progressive Couponing to promote “stock up” among your core and lapsed consumers
  • Targeted media to activate chain features and consumer take away
  • Event and media driven experiential programs to cement the emotional bond and generate excitement

Greenhouse strives to be more than just your execution arm; we want to be your brand development partner.

Greenhouse: Provide the right mix of support so your brand can Grow, Solidify and Thrive in today’s competitive environment.


Incubator Process

Our 4 Stage Incubator Process builds on your brand plan by uncovering hidden opportunities and identifying the strategies and tactics to: GROW YOUR BRAND!


From anecdotes to syndicated and proprietary data, we invest the time to get to know you and your brand.

The Incubator provides insights into the solutions and programs that accelerate your brand’s growth.


Once the critical data is assessed and we know your expectations for growth, we develop the plan to get you there.


With our tactics firmly rooted in your brand’s plans and aspirations, we go to work storytelling, engaging and connecting with your target audience.

Activation creates the basis for a relationship between brand and consumer – and that brand conversation is where we excel.


When activation concludes, our accountability and analysis begins.

Results and feedback are analyzed and a growth plan discussion occurs. Every brand experience produces another opportunity to solidify and enhance our customer’s investment.