Brugal 1888 Brand Launch

The Challenge

Integrating on-premise and trade influencer focuses with independent lodging opportunities in the Gas Lamp and Little Italy neighborhoods in San Diego.

How We Did It

Cocktail strategy, food pairings, and mixology were developed based on lodging account focus (quick bites, easy cocktails, etc.). All ingredients and food pairings were created based on known ingredients in target lodge accounts. Social media proved particularly effective in driving on-p personnel and trade influencers to the event and having them share their experiences after.

Project Highlights

The event was essentially a living canvas of what lodging partners could do with the brand, guided by our account profiles developed for rapid distribution and programming.

The Outcome

This project created strong partnerships between brand and lodging partners. Brugal 1888 is consistently presented with opportunities (right of first refusal) to support large-scale events (sales conferences, trade shows, etc.) within appropriate lodging footprints.